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I'm Ketan ‐ A Melbourne web designer, developer and illustrator with 20 years industry experience.


This license is simple by design and refers only to Sketch libraries and templates sold on iamketan.com.au.

In summary

  • All products sold on iamketan.com.au remain the property of Ketan Mistry.
  • This license grants the purchaser permission to make use of the purchased products within the terms below.
  • I, Ketan Mistry, retain the right to post on social media about your use of my products if the use is visible to the public in some way.

You can...

  • Use the products in any number of personal projects
  • Use the products in any number of commercial projects
  • Use the products without attribution to Ketan Mistry
  • Modify or manipulate the products as needed
  • Combine the products with other works

Please don't...

  • Redistribute, resell, lease, license, or sublicense any of my products
  • Do any of the above things after modifying my products

And, lastly...

I cannot and don't want to track the following items, but I respectfully request that you:

  • Do not share your purchased files with others outside of your organisation.
  • Do tell a friend about my templates/libraries if my products have helped you in any way.

For license questions that are not answered here, please contact me at [email protected].