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I'm Ketan ‐ A Melbourne web designer, developer and illustrator with 20 years industry experience.


My journal, a collection of my design work, inspiration, discoveries and personal experiences in running a business.

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27 July 2020 dribbble web design

The web designer's problem with dribbble

I’ve been a dribbble account user for over a year now, and a casual “browser” for quite some time. It’s great for collecting inspiration and ideas, but lately, I’ve been looking less and less at...

On Repeat - My most played albums for June 2020

1 July 2020 music coding life designing

On Repeat - My most played albums for June 2020

Here’s my list of music for June 2020 with Elbow being on repeat a lot; reminding me of walking through the streets of Manchester, and Elbow’s own branded beer! Hand built by robots - Newton...

30 June 2020 web design

External LinkLink - The Return of the 90s Web

A nice little article about how some of the web design trends we all knew have come full circle, like having our own blogs on our personal websites, static websites and using WYSIWYG tools.

30 June 2020 ui design sketch

I've finally given up with Sketch.Cloud!

I’ve been using Sketch for a few years now, and their free cloud offering was a very welcome addition. But, the last few months have been testing my patience and have been making me revisit...

On Repeat - My most played albums for May 2020

30 May 2020 music coding life designing

On Repeat - My most played albums for May 2020

There hasn’t been any new music that’s caught my attention lately, so I’ve been listening to a lot of old albums this month. One of my particular favourites is “OK” by Talvin Singh which came...

19 May 2020 twitter

Six months without Twitter...so far, so good

It’s been six months since I quit Twitter (and LinkedIn) and so far I’ve had no inclinations to go back. In fact, it’s been refreshing, and stress-free not having to use twitter. I don’t miss...

16 May 2020 design

External LinkLink - Dieter Rams’s ten principles for good design

All of Dieter Rams’s “Ten Principles for Good Design” are just as important today than when he said this back in the late 70’s. He asked himself the key question “is my design good design?”,...