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I'm Ketan ‐ A Melbourne web designer, developer and illustrator with 20 years industry experience.


My journal, a collection of my design work, inspiration, discoveries and personal experiences in running a business.

New Shopify website for Hearing Dogs UK

24 September 2021 front-end development web design shopify ecommerce

New Shopify website for Hearing Dogs UK

This month, I’ve been working on designing and building the new shop for Hearing Dogs, a UK charity that trains dogs to alert deaf people to important and life-saving sounds they would otherwise miss. The...

13 September 2021 shopify 2.0 development

What’s your development workflow for Shopify 2.0?

With the arrival of Shopify 2.0, it’s now thrown my development workflow out of the window. The `config.yml` made development much more manageable when working on different store features because it linked directly to a...

25 August 2021 design css

Scrollbar Reflowing

I’m not sure why anybody, developer or not, would want to turn off/hide scrollbars on a desktop. This macOS setting has always puzzled me.

Book Recommendation: Show your work! by Austin Kleon

24 August 2021 inspiration creativity book

If you work for yourself, this book is a must-read! It’s insightful, down-to-earth, and Austin Kleon explains everything in a simple, enjoyable format. I could relate everything within it to my own personal experiences. Definitely worth reading.

16 July 2021 sass web design css

I don't need you Sass, the creator of bad habits

I’ve been using sass for a few years now, and I’ve gotten so used to using it on new projects, I never gave it a second thought. I thought it was making my life easier,...

A couple of new books for my reading list

10 July 2021 web design books

A couple of new books to add to my reading list: “New Frontiers in Web Design” by Smashing Magazine and “Art Direction for the Web” by Andy Clarke.

3 July 2021 ecommerce shopify

Shopify 2.0 looks amazing! And metafields...finally!

A few days ago Shopify announced some of its upcoming features at their annual Unite event. Some of the exciting announcements for me were themes 2.0, improved performance, metafields (finally, and it looks flippin’ awesome!), more focus on store content, GitHub integration for devs, and more checkout customisation possibilities. This short summary video is definitely worth a watch - can’t wait to start working with version 2.0!

31 May 2021 css


I wasn’t aware of the CSS is() pseudo-class, but this would help avoid that much-hated selector duplication.

28 May 2021 web design core web vitals page speed

Improving page speed and core web vitals

This week, I deployed some page speed/core web vitals updates to my clients Shopify website. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now, tweaking code and assets here and there wherever I can...